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Ne plus être qu'un bout de viande

Jessie avait envie de vivre et ressentir la soumission extrême, celle où il ne serait plus qu'un bout de viande à dispo. Encordé, livré en pature à un actif bourrin, son cul va en voir de toutes les couleurs.

Hot House avec Jessie Colter et Cavin Knight

Sektor 9 part 1

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Jessie Colter has been strung up by the Sektor 9 rope master. He's naked, suspended from the ceiling in a complex web of knots and ropes, completely helpless to whatever fate lies ahead. Cavin Knight walks in wearing a gas mask, his chiseled physique providing the only clue to his identity. Knight strokes Colter's growing hardon as he works a huge latex dildo into the quivering man's hole. Knight maneuvers the ropes and Colter ends up with his feet on the ground and his ass in the air, giving Knight easy access to his beefy butt. Knight power-fucks Colter who eventually drains his nuts without even touching himself.


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